Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exotic Tile

The July-August issue of Veranda featured this article: 

Which reminded me of the tile in this photo:

Which is in this kitchen by Shannon Bowers featured in House Beautiful:

The tile used on this backsplash was reclaimed from a French chateau and sourced from Chateau Domingue.  This kitchen was the inspiration for my kitchen makeover (photos will be posted soon) and I was DYING for some tile like this (you know how you get an item stuck in your head and you obesess about it forever, that was this tile for me).  But since there aren't any chateaus near my house, a trip to France was out of the question, and Chateau Domingue was out of my budget, I found tiles from Casa Talavera instead.

The best news is that they are only $1.45 for a 4" tile!