Monday, September 30, 2013

My Head is Spinning...

'Cause I might be getting a new kitchen!  My poor little brain cannot process this information and I am on complete overload because I have been glued to the computer for hours looking at a gazillion kitchen photos.

It all started last Monday when we had our annual termite inspection.  Everything was great, no termites, woohoo.  Then the guy tells me that there is standing water underneath the house and we should get it checked out.  OK, no biggie.

So the plumber came on Thursday and joyfully reported that we do indeed have a leak coming from a pipe at the kitchen sink.  This pipe runs through the wall behind about 4ft of cabinetry. In order to fix the problem, this section of cabinetry along with the sink and counter top would need to be removed and then replaced.

So, my first words to Tebe after this verdict was "WE NEED A NEW KITCHEN!!".  He was not happy.  At all.

But with a little bit of coercion, I think he may be on board. 

So far, I know that these things will happen in my kitchen: encaustic tile, blue cabinets, rustic wood, and brass.  Here are all the images I am loving right now:

Now I gotta get to work!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Great Timing!

I'm a Bama fan, so I was pretty excited this past weekend when we beat Texas A&M.  Even some Auburn people were rooting for us in the wake of all the "Johnny Football" drama.  

Even so, I still have a soft spot for Texas A&M.  You may remember I was working on a student housing project in College Station (see photos here and here) right before I had to quit my job (insert sad face and tears here).  

But my sweetest friend/former co-worker sent me some salvaged photos from the installation of the project (in my job we almost never had photos of a finished space because construction was rarely complete during installation).  So, although these aren't magazine worthy, they give you a peek at what the finished project looks like.

In the middle of writing this post I decided to Google The Cottages of College Station (I tried this before but no one had posted photos yet) and found a few more photos of the project.  These were taken by Chris Luker, a Birmingham based photographer.

Can you believe this is a community for college students?  Crazy!  I loved seeing the finished project and I think it is fabulous!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heart Stopping Design

I've been in love with design for many years now and I've seen so many designs via magazines, TV shows, and the internet that its sometimes hard to find something really new and exciting.

Then I picked up Birmingham Home & Garden Magazine and saw the work of Bates Corkern Studio.  My heart just stopped.

Look at these doors:

The area at the back of the room is a bar:

The ceiling finishes off this open and airy space:

Look at the view from this window:

I'm loving this masculine bedroom:

With doors that lead out onto the deck with what I am guessing is a hot tub:

And here is the outdoor infinity pool, dining area, and sitting area:

These views are incredible:

Equally amazing is this country retreat:

The kitchen is my idea of perfection:

And I love this floating staircase set against a bank of windows:

This modern entry is so sleek and sophisticated:

Can you even imagine calling one of these places "home"?