Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heart Stopping Design

I've been in love with design for many years now and I've seen so many designs via magazines, TV shows, and the internet that its sometimes hard to find something really new and exciting.

Then I picked up Birmingham Home & Garden Magazine and saw the work of Bates Corkern Studio.  My heart just stopped.

Look at these doors:

The area at the back of the room is a bar:

The ceiling finishes off this open and airy space:

Look at the view from this window:

I'm loving this masculine bedroom:

With doors that lead out onto the deck with what I am guessing is a hot tub:

And here is the outdoor infinity pool, dining area, and sitting area:

These views are incredible:

Equally amazing is this country retreat:

The kitchen is my idea of perfection:

And I love this floating staircase set against a bank of windows:

This modern entry is so sleek and sophisticated:

Can you even imagine calling one of these places "home"?

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