Monday, March 26, 2012

What a Difference a Roof Makes

In addition to the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bathroom renovation (which for some reason has taken three months plus to complete) we are sprucing up the exterior of the house.  I wanted to wait until everything was finished and do a "big reveal" (you know, the kind on HGTV were everyone squeals and cries a lot) but when I came home and saw my new roof, I was such a proud mama that I had to share immediately.



This may be the most beautiful roof I have ever seen.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dreamy Twin Beds

It's about time for Savannah to get a "big girl" bed.  I didn't think
twin beds were very exciting until I started looking
around and found these dreamy beds:

Angie Hranowsky

Cottage Living

Cottage Living

Country Living

Amanda Nisbet

Gypsy Soul Interiors

Amanda Nisbet

Jonathan Adler

Katie Ridder

Kevin Walsh

Sorry, not sure where this image is from!

Maybe I should downsize.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And The Winner Is...

Remember a few posts ago when I was trying to decide on a color for the vanity in the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bathroom?

Well, the winner is Benjamin Moore's Nile Green.

In other paint news, the Petersik's of the Young House Love Blog have created a paint color palette for Benjamin Moore.  Check it out here

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mary Ann Wakeley Abstract Art

I still have COLOR on the brain (see yesterday's post) so I thought I would share this artist with you.  I originally found her work on Etsy, but she now has her own website

(This one is at my house waiting to be framed.  Just a little b'day present for me!)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I went shopping the other day and noticed that this spring, its all about COLOR

So I took a vote and here are my "Queens of Color".

These ladies are crazy fearless when it comes to mixing colors and patterns.  
Think: "Happy Place".

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My House Tour: Savannah's Nursery

Savannah's first day of "big girl school" was today and I can't believe she is already almost three years old!!  So, in honor of this big event, I thought I would start my house tour with her nursery.

A little background:  we moved into our current home in 2007.  It was built in 1969 and needed some pretty serious love.  For about two years we did lots of not fun/exciting/glamorous work to the house that I won't share here.  Then we found out that Savannah was on her way and I had a nursery to decorate!  This room was really the first one that was pretty much complete (well, as complete as any room in a designer's home ever is).

Hunter green wallpaper on one wall, large National Geographic map on the other wall, small depressing ceiling fan, and cheap plastic mini blinds.  At least there's no shag carpet.


Now, about this room.  I believe that design is about more than just decorating a room to look pretty, its about creating a space that is special because it contains things that are meaningful.  There are so many meaningful things in this room.  The rocking chair was my great-great grandfather's and was given to me by my uncle.  The bench was a present from my dad.  I bought the antique dress on the wall for a baby present, but decided to keep it because it was so pretty and "just in case I have a little girl" and Savannah wore it in her six month photos.  The baby shoes hanging beside it were mine.  And my most favorite thing is the photo board on the closet door.
It has photos of me and my husband as babies, along with our family members as children.  I also included some of the cards that I received at my baby showers.

I also designed this room to grow with her.  I made cheap artwork over the bed by printing the letters of her name in different fonts and framing them in mismatched white picture frames.  Since this was inexpensive, I won't feel guilty when switching it out with some great artwork later on. 

The vintage dresser serves as my changing table and when she no longer needs it, all I have to do is take off the changing pad.  Since the furniture is mismatched, I can switch out the crib with a "big girl bed" and I don't have to replace any other furniture items.  I also plan to add some more modern pieces as she grows up to make the room a bit more fun (will post about that later). 

Next up is to find a "big girl bed".  I can't believe it goes by so fast!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Green's the Thing

Maybe it's because this month's House Beautiful featured it:

Or maybe it's because Amber blogged about it:

Or it could be because St. Paddy's Day is just around the corner:

But I am thinking that the vanity in
the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bathroom

should be GREEN:

All I gotta do is pick one.
Decisions, decisions.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Southeastern Salvage

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by Southeastern Salvage
They had lots of great stuff similiar to this:
Drum Table from Wisteria

Steamer Trunk Desk from Restoration Hardware

Leather Chair from Restoration Hardware

And finally, a chandlier similiar to this:

for only $250.  It jumped in my car and went home with me.  Will post pics if it turns out well.