Monday, March 26, 2012

What a Difference a Roof Makes

In addition to the itsy bitsy teeny weeny bathroom renovation (which for some reason has taken three months plus to complete) we are sprucing up the exterior of the house.  I wanted to wait until everything was finished and do a "big reveal" (you know, the kind on HGTV were everyone squeals and cries a lot) but when I came home and saw my new roof, I was such a proud mama that I had to share immediately.



This may be the most beautiful roof I have ever seen.


  1. That's a beautiful roof, indeed. So, how did your bathroom makeover go, Tiffany? I can imagine how gorgeous the whole house will look like after all your projects.

    -Emma Phillips

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  3. Hey Emma! Thanks for the props on the roof and for reading my blog! The bathroom makeover has not crossed the finish line (see post for May 7th for full explanation). Hopefully I will be back to blogging regularly pretty soon!!

  4. The roof is, indeed, beautiful. The primary function of a roof is to safeguard everyone that dwells under it. It is very important to select the best materials and contractors for your roofing needs. Your home looks amazing, Tiffiany. Great job! :)

    -Adam Waterford

  5. The new roof looks a lot better! I can imagine how proud you were when you first saw the new roof installed. It turned out beautifully, if I may say so myself. I also noticed that the siding and shutters were also changed. I like it better that way. It lends a brand new style to the overall appearance of the house.

    -Tiffany Larsen

  6. With a beautiful roof like that, tell me who wouldn't be proud? :) Not to mention, in the second picture, your house still stood out, and even more so with the pink flower bush. :P May I ask, what type of roof is that? Judging by the pictures, that must be a cedar roof.

    Mariam Freame