Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Un-Kitchen Kitchen

I'm not really into cooking (I have trouble making Rice Krispie treats), but I love a great kitchen and I love it when designers challenge our ideas of how we use a space and the items that are found in that space.  So today I have some "un-kitchen" kitchens to share with you.

First up is this is a great kitchen/dining/living space by Ruard Veltman. 

A prep sink is located in the cabinetry on the left and the stove top is on the right. 
This is the pantry just off the kitchen.  It houses the oven, large sinks, refrigerator, and small appliances and serves as a prep/clean up area. 

The idea is to prep in the back and then cook while your family/guests hang out at the dinner table.  What an interesting way to solve the problem of guests seeing your cooking "mess" in an open kitchen.  Not sure how this would function on a day-to-day basis, but I like that the layout is completely out of the ordinary.

Next up is this beauty by fellow Alabamians Richard Norris and Mark Leslie.

This space was originally the dining room and the designers used that as inspiration when planning the kitchen.  They hung an overscale mirror above the stove and designed the cabinetry for the sink to look like a buffet with artwork and sconces above.  For the island, they selected an oval top that mimics the shape of a dining table and included a large chandelier.  I love how this makes the room feel less like a utilitarian space and way more glamorous than an ordinary kitchen. 

I'm pretty sure I'd make way more Rice Krispie treats if I had either one of these gorgeous kitchens.

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