Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happenin' to My House in 2013

Emily posted her to do list for house projects in the coming year, so I thought I would post mine too.  Maybe if I put it in print, it will actually get done!
Still need art above the bed and dresser and a new rug.
#2 - Finish Madeline's Nursery
I ran out of time/energy/money on the nursery.  I'm still on the hunt for art and accessories to finish the space. 
#3 - Bonus Room Reno
I soooo do not have another reno project in me right now (see here for my last one) but the toys have taken over my living room and with two kids we need more space for them to play.  Our long neglected bonus room/workout space/furniture graveyard/toy dump needs a complete makeover.  This will require lots of brain power and probably will not occur until mid-year.
#4 - Finally Fill Up My Walls
I have bare spaces that need to be filled and lots of great family photos that have never been properly framed and displayed.  This is a project that I definitely want to tackle this year.
#5 - Create My Own Workspace
My husband has a whole office but I do my work on the sofa which is not the most convenient place when you have a 3 year old sitting beside you who likes to punch the buttons on your computer.  I would like to find some corner of my house that can be transformed into my own personal workspace.  The desk will probably only be large enough for my laptop, but I'll take whatever I can get.
What's gonna happen to your house in 2013?

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  1. Paint rooms. I have too many builder beige walls.

    I posted a video on how to do your own matting and framing here
    it has saved me mucho $$. It might help you with covering your walls this year. Thanks for the sweet comment about me "having it all together" I don't I just pretend to. LOL!