Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Fall Ya'll

Well, I thought it was fall until Sandy blew through and I had to wrap my pregnant self up like Randy in "A Christmas Story".  But I am still pretending it's fall and have decorated my dining room accordingly.  I am sure you have seen enough fall decor on the internet lately to last you a lifetime, but I am adding my two cents.  Here it is:

It's pretty much the same principle as my Halloween decor.  For the mantle decorations, I started with the burlap material that I didn't use on the Halloween pillows.  I then snipped some free decorations out of my yard (branches, leaves and pine cones) and layered them on top of the burlap.  I used votives and candleholders which can be used at other times of the year (notice a few from the Halloween mantle) and elevated them with plastic bowls and cups hidden underneath the burlap.  I added in a couple of small fake pumpkins (I love the real ones, but am lazy and hate to go buy them each year) and a fall wreath and the mantle is complete. 

Next up is the table.  I found these great salad plates at WorldMarket and they will be used year round on my table. 

I then used the same platter and cake stand from the Halloween decor.  I covered them with burlap, added some leaves and pinecones as a base, then topped it off with more fake pumpkins and a couple of votives.  So easy!


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