Tuesday, November 20, 2012


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In the midst of preparing for baby Madeline's arrival, planning for the holidays, and thinking about what presents I would like to give and receive for Christmas, I realized that I am so busy looking forward that I had forgotten to look back.  So this is my time to share all of the things I am so thankful for and to praise the Lord for the love, blessings, and provision that he has showered on me and my family throughout this year.  We never know what lies ahead and some years are tougher than others, but we do know that God is good, he is good all the time.
The Thankful List 2012
- Baby Madeline is growing strong and is on the way to becoming part of my family!  Just a few more weeks until we meet this precious little girl!
- My husband has been so blessed with success in his work this year.  This has allowed me to become a stay at home mom full time to care for my growing family.  While it was a hard decision to leave my job, I know this is ultimately the best decision for my family.
-Praise God that my Mom was able to have knee surgery and she aced through the whole thing with flying colors.  She is now up and at 'em with no knee problems and pretty much has full mobility.  I'm also thankful for the time we spent together while she was recuperating and for the support my friends all showed during that time.
-My family's good health.  Everybody says this and sometimes it sounds trite, but when I hear about the health struggles of friends, members of my church, and other acquaintances it makes me realize how lucky we are that we are healthy and well.
-My super supportive, serving husband and my most-of-the-time sweet little girl.  They are the best gifts I have ever received and it's hard to believe they are mine all because of a chance meeting on a New Year's Eve at a bar in Nashville.
-Savannah's incredible experiences at preschool this year.  She started back in March and absolutely loves it.  She has grown so much socially and she amazes me with the things she constantly learns from her wonderful teachers.  We were blessed to find such a great place for her.
-Our trip to Barcelona, Spain (I still need to post about this).  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and we had the best time.  It was astounding to see all of the art and architecture that I had studied about in design school and to stand in the square where Columbus announced to Ferdinand and Isabella that he had found the new world.  Truly amazing.
-All of my blog readers.  Thanks for supporting my little endeavor.  Its sort of scary putting yourself out there for people to read and judge, but you have all been so gracious with your support and your comments.
There are a gazillion more things to be grateful for, but those are the biggies this year!
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving sharing time with your families and friends!

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