Monday, November 5, 2012

Paint by Number Art

A few days ago, I snagged this little paint by number art beauty off Etsy for Madeline's room:
Vintage Paint by Numbers Oriental Garden Painting
Paint by number was invented in the 1950's by Max S. Klein, owner of the Palmer Paint Company and artist Dan Robbins.  The kits quickly gained popularity and everyone from housewives to government officials to TV celebrities was transformed into instant artists.  The Palmer Paint Company's archives are now housed in the Smithsonian and even Martha did a little segment about collecting paint by numbers, you can check it out here.
I am fascinated with paint by number art.  I love the technique and the look of the finished pieces and the variety of scenes and subjects.  Etsy has a great collection of these affordable pieces of Americana.
Exotic adventurer?  These will whisk you away to foreign lands:
Set of Two Tropical Motif Paint by Number Paintings "Tropical Skies"
VINTAGE OIL PAINT By Numbers Mid Century Flaminco Dancers Colorful 12 x 16 ready to ship
Pair of vintage Paint by Numbers Boat Provincial Quaint Town Venice Canals
Vintage Asian Paint by Number in Pastel Colors
Vintage Paint By Number Figures exotic Tropical SET South Pacific
Nature lover?  Bring the outside in:
Paint by Number Land Scape, Woods, Wooden Trees, Maroon Bells, Pine Trees, Trickling Creek, Autumn Fall Day, Rocks 14H
Paint by Number Land Scape, Mountains, Maroon Bells, Pine Trees, Trickling Brook, Rocks, Snow Capped Mountains 12H
Vintage Paint by Number  "Winter Landscapes"   by Craftint   12x16   1962
PBN Pheasants and Birch Trees Paint By Number Kit Painting Kitsch Vintage Collectible
Paint by Number Mini artblock, tree silhouette landscape, fall, vintage
Nautical themes?  Set sail with these:
Paint by Number Artblock - 'Sailboat', 8" x 10", landscape, vintage, trees, water, mountains
Paint By Number,  PBN, Vintage, 1970s, Sea View, Ocean, Schooner, Ship, Pirate Ship, Blue, Green, Aquamarine, Sails
Sailboat Paint by Number in Chestnut Wooden Frame- Vibrant 1970's
Birds and flowers your thing?  Create a garden on your wall:
Bluejay Paint by Number Large Artblock -  8" x 10", vintage, trees, nest, bird
Vintage Paint by Number of Roses
Unframed Paint by Number of Carnations Pinks and White Blues Books Vintage
1950s Paint by Numbers - Mid Century Floral Painting - Retro Wall Decor
Animal lover?  These guys need a good home:
Paint By Number Painting Framed Horse Picture Art Equestrian PBN
Vintage German Shepherd Paint by Numbers Art
Vintage framed paint by number painting hunting dog bird mid century
Longing for the country?  Nothing says country like a red barn:
Vintage Paint By Number Barn Country Scene
Vintage Paint by Number - Countryside Barns Mountains Farm - Framed & signed 1962
Country Cabin Paint By Number
Vintage Paint By Number framed Barn in Summer Time Free Shipping

Here are some super chic gallery walls featuring paint by number art:




Pinned Image

Pinned Image
 Want to create your own personalized paint by number art?  Visit Easy123Art.  You can send in a photo, they will convert it to a paint by number kit, and you can become an artist with your very own one-of-a-kind painting.  All in your spare time, of course!
11x14 Classic Kit Skateboarder

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  1. So funny you posted about this... I just bought a pair of framed paint-by-number pieces this weekend! Found them at Urban Suburban - had been eyeing them for a while. :)