Wednesday, March 20, 2013

To the Walls

Think art has no place in the kitchen?  Think art in the kitchen should only be still lives of fruit?  Think art can only hang on the wall?  Think again.  Here are a few ideas to spice up the art in your kitchen.

No subject is out of place in the kitchen.  Portraits, modern art, utilitarian art can all make themselves at home here.

Maybe your art isn't art at all, but cool vintage signage.
lonny mag

country living
If you've got the space, make a statement with an oversize canvas.

elle decor
If you're short on wall space, prop a few small paintings on a shelf or on the counter.

house beautiful
southern living
Can't decide on just a few pieces of art?  Go ahead and make a colorful wall of all of your faves.
ruthie sommers
Love crisp black and white photography?  Treat your kitchen walls like an art gallery.


Check out my art tomorrow when my kitchen makeover is revealed!


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