Monday, August 12, 2013

Can These Drapes Be Saved?

I've been working on the dining room for a couple of years now and each piece has been added as I've been able to afford it, which makes for a long decorating process.  This means that I have looked at this partially finished room a bazillion times over the past few years and am never sure if its coming together or if I like the things I've chosen for it.  

While staring at it the other day, I almost decided to ditch my dining room drapes.  I had them custom made a couple of years ago and loved them then, but as I looked at them I thought maybe it was time to move on.  I thought the room was looking a little too country/granny/conservative for me and I was positive that the drapes were the culprit (ignore the chandy, its long gone).

Enter a bit of perfectly timed inspiration from some fellow bloggers to prove to me that yes, I am on the right track and one day when I'm finished this room will be fabulous.  

I found this little vignette from Teryn on I Suwannee and it is pretty much the inspiration board that I neglected to put together for myself.  Definitely captures the vibe I was trying to create in this space.

Then I found these pillows from Etsy shop Oriental Tribe 11 via Elements of Style

I've been looking for pillows for the chairs in front of my fireplace for a while.

These pillows might just be the thing to make the whole room come together.  Kinda traditional, kinda tribal, but cool and edgy all at the same time.  I think this is gonna work.  And I'm sticking with the drapes.

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