Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mommy Frump

If you're not a mommy, you may not be interested in this post so just check back with me later (I always hate it when decorating blogs feature other subjects and now I'm doing it)!

If you are a mommy, you may already have yourself together, but as for me I have been struggling with Mommy Frump.  You roll out of bed, feed your kids, get urped up on a few times, somehow manage to get into the shower, get yourself clean, pull your hair into a pony and throw on some old shorts and a t-shirt and you call that getting dressed.

I was sporting my Mommy Frump the other day as I dropped Savannah off at preschool.  I thought "These people don't care what I look like, they only see me for a total of five minutes."  But then I saw the working moms dropping off their kids and they were fashionably dressed for work and I realized that I had turned into one of those moms from "What Not to Wear"  (you know, the ones who wear ratty old clothes from 1983 and never buy anything new for themselves and think that putting on a pair of jeans is dressing up).  Probably one of my biggest fears in life.  I had to remedy this situation ASAP.

So I started thinking, what would make a great Mommy outfit?  It would need to be simple, easy, comfy, and appropriate for a range  of activities.  It would also need to look pulled together with a minimum of effort.  Here's what I came up with for summer:

#1 - The Uniform
A dress is best.  Comfortable enough for me to roll around in the floor playing with the kids, but polished enough to look good in public.  It also makes getting dressed quicker because its only one piece, no worries about coordinating tops and pants.  I snagged a couple of cute ones at Target this week on sale for $20 each.  (Tip:  make sure to check the weekly ads for sales and the online coupons for extra savings).

#2 - The Kicks
I live in sandals during the summer, and I've found that gold ones or silver ones pretty much go with anything, so I have a pair of both.  I love how the metallic is subtle and blends in with my skin so that my short, stubby legs look a wee bit longer.  

Silver Mossimo sandals from Target
Nine West sandals from

#3 - The Bling
Limiting your options to a few classic items is key.  Since I have a baby, I really only wear earrings (everything else gets pulled and chewed on).  My favorites are gold or silver hoops or diamond studs.

#4 - The 'Do
I have long hair, but in the summer it's impossible to wear it down.  It's just too hot and the baby yanks on it all the time, so I've started pulling it up in a topknot.  Not sure if mine looks as good as this, but its quick and easy and looks better than wearing a ball cap.

#5 - The Makeup
Although I'm at home all day, I still need some makeup (I'm so envious of those women who don't need foundation to look good).  I'm usually able to put on some foundation, powder, blush, and fill in my eyebrows.  Eye shadow is out, it just takes too long.  A great way to look finished is with a vibrant lipstick color.  

In the past I would have never considered making such a bold statement, but when the rest of your makeup is pared down you can afford to be a little more daring with your lip color.  MAC has some great colors like "Lady at Play" and "Candy Yum Yum".

I can't say Mommy Frump won't happen from time to time, but at least it won't be an everyday occurrence.  (And my husband will still think I'm hot).

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