Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Commissioning Art

Photos are great, but have you ever thought of commissioning a piece of art as a way to display special memories?  I found a few great artists who offer commissioned portraits.

Alan Schuler features house portraits on Etsy.  A custom watercolor will only set you back $45.  This would be a great way to remember that first house or maybe your childhood home.

Susan Woodard does some amazing watercolors of children.  She doesn't include facial features, so I think her best portraits show children engaged in a favorite activity.  Her work is a bit more expensive, but a smaller watercolor is still pretty affordable for original art.

Miss Black Eyes is an Etsy shop that does portraits in oil.  I love her brush work and attention to detail in the faces.

A custom portrait can be really any person, moment, or place special to you.  I think its a perfect addition to any art collection.

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