Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lighting Obsession

Sometimes its just fun to look at super fabulous stuff that you could never in a million gazillion years afford.  And even if I could afford it, my conscience wouldn't let me pay that much for it.  

I spied these wall sconces on Bijou and Boheme and couldn't stop thinking about them.

Thought about how gorgeous they would be in the bonus room with my striped chairs and mid-century chest (after it gets a new coat of paint).

Went on the rewire website and saw lots more beautiful stuff.  Here are some goodies:

Realized that these sconces are not even remotely an option.

Then I stumbled upon onefortythree via Emily Henderson's blog.  While this is a much smaller selection, some of the items have the same vibe and are much more affordable.

Also found this floor lamp on Furbish

Hey Jamie, if you're reading this, could you put together a Labor Day sale with some nifty little discounts on this baby?

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