Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My House Tour: Savannah's Mini Makeover Details

Now that Savannah's room is finished (for now at least) let's take a look at the small changes that made a big difference in pulling this room together.

#1 - Art
I will say that selecting art to coordinate with a heavily patterned wallpaper was a bit of a challenge.  Although you have wallpaper, you still need art.  The trick here was to frame the art with wide white mats to give the eye a place to "rest" from all of the pattern and color.

Above the bed I used Ikea's Ribba frames to display some of my favorite photos of my girl in action.  She's so vibrant and playful and these images capture her personality perfectly.

 The art on the chest was sourced from Etsy and Society 6.  The large abstract is Colors 209 by Jen Ramos.  I framed it myself by purchasing a ready made frame which I painted gold.  Since the print was not a standard size, I had the craft store cut a mat to fit.  Much cheaper that having it custom framed.  The Love print is also by Jen Ramos.  Finally, the woman with the flowers is by Susan Brown.  Savannah initially thought she looked mean, but I told her that the woman looks fierce 'cause she is rocking that crazy flower bouquet on her head!

#2 - Accessories
I found this antique mirror at a local interiors shop.  Soon after, I found it on Shop 219 via Bijou and Boheme (great designers think alike).

The lamp was originally purchased on Ebay for Madeline's nursery, but really didn't work with the wood tones of her chest.  So, in an effort to find a home for the lamp, I stuck it in Savannah's room and it worked.  I love the juxtaposition between the modern lamp and the ornate chest.

I added a dark plum and a couple of lavender pillows on the bed and ditched the chevron patterned one.  Much better.

I also switched out the rug with this one from Rugs USA.  Same pattern as the previous one, but the green is more subtle.

I'm officially crossing this room off my to do list!

Want to see more of my house?  Take the tour here.

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