Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Birthday Party Ideas

Savannah's third birthday party was this past weekend and I am tuckered out!  I will share details from her party tomorrow, but in the meantime I wanted to share some great resources for party ideas (you can check it out my previous party post here).  Now, before you go looking at all of this, do not get overwhelmed.  Remember, some of these people get paid to do this, others are just super duper creative.  I think the key is to know your abilities and peruse these websites for creative ideas that are easy for you to incorporate into your party.  Here we go:

Kiss Me Kate Enchanted Forest Theme Party

Red Riding Hood Invitation

Red Riding Hood Dessert Table

Desserts - Red Riding Hood Birthday Party

Kara's Party Ideas Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Party

Anders Ruff Cupcake Birthday Party

The Hunted Interior Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

I wish someone would throw me a birthday party like these!!

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