Monday, October 1, 2012

Ticking Stripes

I must admit, I have been in the dark about ticking stripe fabric.  Yes, I have seen it before and know what it is, but just thought it was a print to be used when attempting to recreate a shabby chic, french country looking interior.  Apparently I was completely wrong in this assumption.
Ticking stripe fabric had humble origins.  A 1991 article from the New York Times states: "It was the stuff of brewers' and waiters' aprons, ladies' stays, an emperor's battle tent and feather-filled bedding: rough-hewn blue and white linen twill."  The article further states that Sister Parish was probably the first designer to use ticking stripe fabric on upholstery for her high end clients as early as the 1940's.  Who knew? 
Ticking stripe is now showing up everywhere and the key to giving it a modern feel is pairing it with great graphic fabrics.  Here are a few ideas:
Mix it up with a suzani, ikat, velvet, and monograms a la Jamie Meares (the sofa is for sale at Furbish).
Holly Mathis chose a bold color ikat print.
Large scale botanicals do the trick over at Honey Dearest.
A beautiful floral pattern accents this unique chair.
Toile and stripes are at home on this sofa.

Here's how to recreate these looks for your home:
In the bathroom:
In the living room:
In the bedroom:
In the dining room:
In the kitchen:


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