Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Decorations are Here!!

Here are my Halloween decorations!
Halloween2012ExteriorWATERMARKED (12 of 18)
Just kidding!  You have seen my house and it looks nothing like this!  This is the fabulosity dreamed up by Stefanie over at Brooklyn Limestone.  Each year she goes all out for Halloween and produces new decorations based on a theme.  This year was "Wicked of Oz".  Crazazy!!
On to my Halloween decorations, which are not as fabulous, but maybe are a little more do-able.  Since the baby is on the way and I am getting pretty tired lately, I only decorated our dining room this year.  I didn't do any outdoor decorations (boo for me).
I decided I was tired of storing a lot of decorations, so the goal was to use things that:
1. Didn't take up lots of space
2. Could be used around the house at other times of the year
3. Were inexpensive
Here's the finished product:

On the mantle I used candles, candlesticks, and candle holders that can be re-used around the house or for other holidays.  I threw in a couple of skulls and skeleton parts from Homegoods, which are holiday specific, but don't take up a lot of storage space.  To create interest, I set the objects up at varying heights using drink glasses and tupperware bowls and covered them with Spanish moss.  I also had a couple of empty picture frames lying around, so I "framed" the objects with those.
And here are my handmade Halloween pillows:
The table is set with my everyday plates, chargers, and placemats.
For the centerpiece, I used a tray that we received as a wedding gift, a few more Homegoods pieces, and the Spanish moss again.
The plates are set with mini cauldrons filled with skeletons and gummy eyeballs.
I wrapped the chandelier with spider webs and added a few spiders. 
This was some quick and easy holiday decorating, just the way I like it!
Happy Halloween!

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