Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Personalized Plates

 So, I don't really care what rich and fabulous designers ate for dinner last night (this was a question posed by House Beautiful), but I did love Steven Gambrel's unique dinner plates.  As he states above, they are stamped with his address:  53 Glover.  This is such a creative way to personalize your table setting.  Here's a close up, the address appears at the top of the plate:

Artist Mae Mougin created these plates, but you can find similar styles on Etsy, as well as other ways to personalize them such as:

Individually numbered plates

Initials with special dates

Meaningful designs

Also, placing the design somewhere other than the center of the plate and varying the font and font size gives a little twist to the piece. 

One personalized plate would be great, but a whole set would be divine!

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