Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rust-Oleum Rocks!

Nothing says DIY like a good can of spray paint.  DIY projects usually end up wearing me out, but I always keep coming back for more.  As I was perusing the spray paint aisle at Home Depot the other day, I came across some great products that were new to me so I thought I would share them with you.
Dry Erase Paint
I knew this type of product was on the market for commercial interiors, but had no idea that it had jumped over to the residential market.  It only comes in white, but could still be a great design element if used in the right setting.
Colored Chalkboard Paint
Again, I knew this product was out there (see this post), but I thought it was just a special order item that you could only get via the internet.  It is tintable to 12 colors.  Very cool.

Countertop Coating
Got some fugly laminate?  Slap some paint on it and see what happens.

Spray Gun
This is perfect for those small spray paint jobs where they don't make the exact shade of paint you want in the spray paint can.  Just thin your paint color, pour it in the bottle, attach to the spray gun, then ready, aim, fire.

Chalkboard Spray Paint
I didn't know it came in a spray paint can.  No brushes, no clean up.  Great for the lazy DIYer like me.

Lacquer Spray Paint
Who doesn't love to get lacquered up?  Only drawback is your choices are black or white.  But maybe it's better that way since those are classics and nothing really hideous could happen, right?

Metallic Spray Paint
I'm using the Metallic Brass on some drapery rods for Madeline's room.  Am pleased with the color, as it is a very realistic metallic finish.

Fluorescent Spray Paint
Jenny used this on her DIY wire console table. (She is hardcore DIY, she got tetanus doing this project but obviously not from the spray paint).

Double Coverage Spray Paint
Twice the coverage and so many great colors!

Get more detailed info on Rust-Oleum products here.

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