Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Heart Tommy

Tommy Smythe is the best ever!  If you don't know, he is Sarah Richardson's right hand man on her various design shows (Sarah's House 4 premieres on September 15 on HGTV so set your DVRs).  I used to say that we could use a "Tommy" in our office, meaning a guy who could add humour and perspective to our decorating crises and quickly solve all of our dilemmas.  I knew Tommy was good, but little did I know that he was fabulous until I stumbled across some of his own work on the Canadian House & Home website.  His style is completely different from Sarah's, which was interesting to see.

This is a Victorian townhouse that he recently completed for a client.  Although the home is filled with traditional furniture and architectural details, Tommy keeps it young and fresh by strategically placing bold patterns and colors in each space.  Geometric tiles, zigzag patterned fabrics and wallpaper, zebra rugs, and a palette of white, black, red, and yellow add an unexpected twist to otherwise traditional rooms.

In his own home, he uses the same mix of traditional furnishings with modern rugs and fabrics.  His attention to detail and skill at layering are evident as well.

Did I also mention Tommy is a genius?  He installed these mirrored doors on a built in bookcase to hide his TV.  Isn't this a beautiful solution to the problem that plagues every designer?

Check out more of Tommy's work on the Canadian House & Home website here and here.


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