Monday, August 20, 2012

Mirror, Mirror

The itsy bitsy teeny weeny bathroom reno has technically been complete for a while now except for the mirror over the vanity.  I bought a mirror, spent two hours trying to hang it up, got it up, and decided I hated it.  I couldn't return it, so it is now in the furniture graveyard (aka our bonus room) where it is awaiting certain death or reincarnation in some other yet to be designed room.
So, a few weeks ago, I wandered into World Market (I know I posted about this store recently, but I promise they are not paying me, although they should be) and I found this gorgeous mirror which was the perfect shape, size, and color for the bathroom.

It is part of their Venetian Bazaar Collection which has some great new pieces and they are all currently on sale.  I bought my mirror at full price.  Figures.

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