Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Plan

So I have a new plan for my life and career.  Here it is:

1) Become a famous super model
2) Marry a rock star
3) Launch my own line of textiles for Calico Corners

The inspiration:
IMAN (she worked this plan also)

Things I am lacking:
1) A super model face and body
2) Access to rock stars who are potential husbands (I'm also already married so that could be a problem too)
3) Although I could probably design textiles, Calico Corners has no clue who I am because of my lack of super model status (see #1)

Seriously, I was browsing through the fabrics in Calico Corners the other day and ran across Iman's fabric collection.  I think it has been out since last year but I had not seen/heard of it yet.  The fabrics were so rich, exotic, and beautiful and I was impressed.  I wanted to decorate a room around them.  Here are my picks:

These are all on sale right now at Calico Corners.

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