Thursday, August 9, 2012

Old Stuff

I've always liked old stuff.  I think I get this from my uncle who is, in essence, a picker, although he never sells anything. He just takes it all home with him and every once in a while I am lucky enough to get some great old stuff from him as a Christmas present.

Anyway, while hanging out with my Mom as she recovers from surgery, I visited JD's Old Stuff & Antiques located on Highway 72 between Huntsville and Scottsboro, AL.  I have been in several times over the years and have scored some good finds.  Here are a few things that caught my eye while I was browsing:

Vintage license plates

that could be used like this:

or this:

 Antique trunks

that would make great coffee tables like this:

Vintage kitchen utensils

to place in a crock on your counterop like this:

Antique pie safe

in a bold mustard yellow.  This piece could be used to store towels in a bathroom as shown here: 

These old wash basins

could be spiffied up for your laundry room like this:

If I had a boy's room to decorate, this pedal tractor would have gone home with me.

Old crates are a great way to store books, magazines, or toys.

 You can check out JD's Old Stuff & Antiques on Facebook here.

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