Thursday, September 27, 2012

Etsy Score!

I have been looking for a chandelier for Madeline's nursery for a while now.  I thought I wanted something like this (but in a different color):
These pagoda chandeliers have shown up in lots of design magazines and blogs, but good luck finding one for your home.  I checked eBay and Etsy to no avail.  Circa Who, a great little vintage shop in West Palm Beach, has some, but they are around $900 each.  Not in my budget.  I also thought maybe the pagoda chandelier with the Chinese Art Deco rug might seem like I was going for a whole Chinese themed room, which isn't the case.
So, scratch that and on to other chandelier options.
I thought maybe some sort of glass chandelier might work well and as I was on page 3 of my Etsy search, this little beauty appeared before my eyes, a vintage yellow glass chandelier:
The price was right and it jumped in my shopping cart in about 2 seconds.  I hit pay and am not looking back.  I am not usually such an impulse buyer, but this chandelier seems perfect.  Cross your fingers that it works (if not I will just have it re-wired) and that it looks great in the nursery!
This is from Etsy shop Sarah's Smiles and she has several great vintage chandeliers for sale right now.  She will also custom paint a chandelier to match your decor.  Check her shop out here.

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