Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goings On

Here are some of the goings on at my house recently:
A side table was finally purchased to go between the chairs in front of my fireplace.
This sconce finally found a home on my walls after 8 years of hanging out in the furniture graveyard and almost going to the yard sale a few times.
I took the grown up step of purchasing chargers so that I could have pretty place settings at my table.  (Still need some pretty salad plates, napkins, glassware, silverware, and centerpiece to finish it out).
Hung some art in the hubs' office - Target frames with vintage Alabama football program covers from the Asgard Press Vintage Football Calendar (really cheap, easy art!).
Contemplated shades of blue/gray for the non-renovated bathroom but can't find the right one.
Bought new shower curtain to go in the non-renovated bathroom (hence the need for the blue/gray wall color).
Green velvet chair for Savannah's room arrived. (Her mini-makeover is not so mini anymore, I keep adding things).
Benjamin Moore's Rose Silk was the winner for Madeline's nursery wall color.
Shades of purple/gray are being contemplated for the master bath which was reno'd a few months back and for some reason I still don't think of as finished.
Cafe curtains were hung in the laundry room.
Home Depot got it wrong.  It isn't "more saving, more doing", it's "more spending, more doing."

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  1. You have been busy - and I agree, it is definitely "More spending, more doing" and it never ends!!!