Thursday, September 20, 2012

My House Tour: Laundry Room

The first space I decorated when we moved into our house was the laundry room.  It really isn't a room, just a hallway with two closets, one of which houses the washer and dryer.  It was a relatively small, easy, and inexpensive project.  All this space needed was paint on the walls, a new light fixture, and curtains to cover the closets. 

Another good reason for taking on this space first was to try my hand at wallpaper removal.  Several other rooms in our house had wallpaper that needed to come down, so I thought it would be wise to practice in the laundry room first in case there were any major catastrophes.  I used a wallpaper steamer, some goopy spray stuff and a scraper and luckily it came down without too much of a fuss.

Lots of outdated country blue floral wallpaper and a bad fluorescent light.

A beautiful space that makes doing laundry a little less of a chore.



 The walls got a coat of Martha Stewart's paint in "Milk Pail" which is a soft gray/green/blue color (I don't think this color is available anymore).  I fell in love with the Kravet fabric, so I splurged on it for the closet curtains.  All curtain rods/hardware and the cafe curtains came from Target.  The runner is from Pottery Barn.  The framed art is actually a photo from Veranda in a frame from Homegoods and the light fixture was found online. 
Now I've just got to tackle all of the laundry hidden in that pretty basket!!

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