Friday, September 21, 2012

Mixed Metals

I feel like sometimes people get stuck when it comes to metal finishes.  They think one finish is "out" and another is "in" which I think isn't really true at all.  All metals finishes are beautiful and can be used as design elements to convey a certain feeling or style in a room.  You can also mix metal finishes to give your room a more layered look.  Here are a few great examples:
First up, a couple of design boards by Bryn Alexandra. 

Although they both include the same furnishings, the metal finishes make a big difference.  The finish on each sconce is repeated by incorporating that color into the pillow fabrics.  The first design includes a wall sconce with a hand rubbed brass finish, evoking a relaxed, warm feeling.  The polished nickel finish in the second design conveys a sleek, contemporary style. Also notice how the wall sconce, table lamp, and floor lamp each have a different finish.  This variation makes for a more interesting composition. 
Next up is this gorgeous kitchen reno featured on the Canadian House & Home blog.

Notice that the cabinet hardware is brass and the faucet is polished chrome.

Stainless steel is introduced in the range, the range hood, the shelving brackets (above) and the table legs (below).

What makes this work is that each of the metal tones are repeated throughout the room.  Gold tones appear on the cabinet hardware, the chandeliers, and the wood shelves on the walls.  The silver tones are picked up in the range, range hood, refrigerator, faucet, shelving brackets, and table legs.  This repetition creates unity throughout the space and adds interest.
And finally, some metal mixing of my own in the master bath. (This is a sneak peek for you!  The entire room will be posted here on Monday).

Polished chrome appears on the faucet, shower handle, and accessories.  The polished chrome also compliments the gray colors found in the flooring.
Gold is introduced on the mirror and the artwork frame to add warmth.
Antique bronze appears on the vanity hardware and towel bar.  This adds a bit of drama. 

Go on, mix it up!

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